SOC 2 timeline

How long does my first SOC 2 Exam take?

Determining the timeline for achieving SOC 2 compliance is  a bit like asking “how long does it take to build a car?”

Once all the parts are manufactured and assembled, constructing a car can take less than 20 hours. However, the bulk of the effort lies in the preparation, so it really depends on what you are starting with.

Not to mention it matters WHAT you are building; a Bugatti might take a little longer than a Toyota.

Finally, it depends highly on how motivated you are, how much time you have to spend on it, and how skilled you are.

Understanding SOC 2 Exam Preparation

In the same way, when we think about completing a SOC 2 Exam,  if you have a sound control framework ready-built and functioning, or if you have a very simple system and control environment, or if you’re highly skilled and motivated, getting your SOC 2 report COULD be a matter of weeks. But on the other hand, it could be a matter of months, or even years if some of those other variables stack up against you.

For a VC-funded tech startup with 5-50 employees facing a significant prospect that demands SOC 2 compliance, the journey can vary:

    • Months 0-3: Gap Assessment. Identify and schedule a professional to perform a Gap Assessment to assess your organization’s current controls against the SOC 2 criteria.
    • Months 4-6: Gap Remediation. Remediate any gaps from that Gap Assessment.
    • End of Month 6: Perform your first Type 1 Exam (Type 1 means a Point in Time exam). This report might satisfy some prospects temporarily.
    • Months 7-8: First Type 2 Exam. Perform your first Type 2 Exam (A Type 2 is the real-deal, showing your controls operating over a period. While 12 months is the standard exam period you can get to market quickly with a 3 or 6 month report).
    • Months 9-18: First 12-month Type 2 Exam. Complete your first full 12-month Type 2 Exam (the audit will happen at the end of that period).

In essence, securing a SOC 2 report can span from weeks to months, depending on your starting point, the complexity of what you’re building, and your dedication and expertise.

If you want to play with a timeline and adjust it to your needs feel free to use our template! click 

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