SOC 2 Attestation Pricing

SOC 2 pricing is complex. Essentially, we charge based on how much time we anticipate the job will take us to complete. But that metric is affected by:

Pricing profiles

Below are starting prices for SOC 2 Type 1 engagements based on three client profiles. For a customized quote for YOUR company, please contact us.


Employee Count: Up to 30

Controls: Under 50



Employee Count: Up to 100

Controls: Under 70



Employee Count: Up to 1,000

Controls: Under 70


*We reserve the right to price each engagement uniquely. For Type 2 engagements add $4k to the fees.

Services Included in SOC Pricing

Besides standard testing, interviews, and issuance of the SOC report, our pricing includes:

  • Gap Assessment and Scoping Evaluation
  • Instructional Video for the System Description
  • Project Management Services
  • Tailored Evidence Request List
  • Access to Audit Platform for Assigning Controls, Uploading Evidence, and Assigning Tasks
  • Comprehensive Report Review for Consistency, Applicability, and Grammar
  • Planning and Debrief Meetings
  • Consulting on Report Communications and Marketing
Security Questionnaire

Invoicing Schedule

We send invoices based on project completion stage as follows:

Project Completion Schedule % Fees Billed
Upon Executing Engagement Letter
Upon Issuing Final Report

Invoice schedules can be customized upon request.

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